The greenhouse effect is one of the most controversial topics around these days. Actually a lot of people think that the greenhouse effect is harmful to living creatures. In reality, it is not the case. The enhanced greenhouse effect had started in the older days. Practically, it affects the ecosystem of the earth.

Plant and animals need a sufficient amount of energy to live. Furthermore, the greenhouse effect protects us from any further heat. With an enhanced greenhouse effect there is no way by which further energy could leave the earth. Actually, without the greenhouse effect, the average temperature of the earth will ultimately fall. In addition to this, the whole water available in the world would no longer be in the liquid form.


The greenhouse effect is a natural effect by which the sun’s radiation heats up the surface of the earth. Further excess heat ultimately leaves the earth.  Speaking practically greenhouse effect happens naturally. Various gases including carbon dioxide are responsible for it. Some additional gases such as methane and carbon monoxide are also greenhouse gases.

Scientifically, these gases protect the sun’s rays from leaving the earth. Hence, they help in keeping the average temperature warm. Therefore the greenhouse effect is essential to living. Without the greenhouse effect, there is no shred of life on earth. Hence, it is helpful for us to survive.


Scientifically, the enhanced greenhouse effect is the disturbance in the regular greenhouse effect and equilibrium of the earth. Due to which a large amount of heat is absorbed in the earth’s atmosphere. Obviously, as the name suggests enhanced greenhouse effect means the greenhouse effect beyond the limit. The enhanced greenhouse effect changes the climate of any area. And in addition to the same, it also disturbs the earth’s average temperature balance.

Practically, the earth has a fixed temperature. But now the enhanced global warming is making various differences. Henceforth, global warming, and climate change are all the results of this.

enhanced greenhouse effect


There are various steps in this process. The greenhouse effect diagram mentions the same. Here is the step by step information on how does the greenhouse effect works.

Step 1

Firstly, the sun releases a large amount of energy into the whole surrounding universe. After the same, the earth receives a beneficial amount of energy which is good for survival.

Step 2

Secondly, the energy which the sun releases enter the atmosphere of the earth. Actually the energy enters as the form of sun rays. Most importantly, the amount of energy that earth receives at that moment is harmful to the survival.

Step 3

Thirdly, after entering the atmosphere of the earth, the earth’s surface reflects back some energy. The earth only receives a small amount of energy. That amount of energy is only essential for various plants and animals. After the same, non-essential energy reflects back from the earth’s surface.

Steps 4

Fourthly, when earth surfaces reflect the energy back various greenhouse gases absorb the energy. Hence earth’s temperature stays warm.


Greenhouse gases are the main cause of the greenhouse effect. They are the gases that are necessary to absorb the energy. They absorb the energy when the surface of the earth reflects it. These gases are also a part of the environment. They come from various day to day equipment such as ACs, smoke from vehicles, perfumes, industrial smoke, etc.

Various examples of greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, and many more. Actually they are present in a very small amount. Carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas; it is also the most dangerous one.


 effect on earth

Scientists have shown various pieces of evidence regarding this. Control in the greenhouse effect is necessary for us. There are various ways by which a large amount of greenhouse effect on earth is harmful. Here are some of the ways by which the greenhouse effect affects the earth negatively.

  • Leads to global problems

The enhanced greenhouse effect is responsible for various global problems. Flooding and drought are some of the most famous ones. Due to these problems, various countries of the world are suffering bitterly.

  • Health problems

The greenhouse effect is due to more amounts of greenhouse gases in the environment. In addition to just causing the greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases do various things. They are responsible for causing various health issues. Various new diseases are affecting people nowadays. More importantly, health services are becoming stronger in the world. But they are not sufficient to control these new health problems.

  • Climate changes

In recent times many countries of the world are experiencing sudden climatic changes too. Climatic changes are quite harmful to the whole nature. Human beings are also a part of the ecosystem and hence we are also affecting the climatic changes.

  • Ozone depletion

If not take particular steps the ozone layer will lose its strength in the following years. Due to the weakening of the Ozone layer, there are many ways by which we are affecting. Skin problems are leading ones. In addition to this, all the animals and other species living on the earth are feeling the effects.

  • Change in DNA

Due to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, it affects the DNA of the living species. If the people will not make proper concern the new generation needs to suffer such difficulties. Change in DNA is not an easy job. It helps us to prove that a large amount of sun rays is quite harmful.


some Statistics to prove the effects

There are many statistics regarding the changes in the current world. In addition to this many new data is adding day by day. There are some of the data regarding the ill effects of the greenhouse effect.

In recent times there is an increase of about 90% of carbon dioxide levels. There are various other greenhouse gases such as methane which are increasing day by day. Actually there is about a 78% increase in all the greenhouse gases.

From the year 1990 scientists are reporting that there is about a 41% increase in radiative forcing. In the year 1880 NASA has reported that there is an increase of 0.8 degrees Celsius in the average temperature of the earth.

0.15 to 0.20 degrees Celsius temperature is increasing every decade. Due to the same many species of the earth are suffering from extreme temperatures.

  • Global Warming Statistics

From the past 50 years, scientists have reported that global warming is increasing at its fastest pace. They are very ill effects of the same. Many countries are reporting critical problems related to this day.

  • Diseases Occured Due To Global Warming

There are many diseases which are introducing due to global warming. This is due to the climatic changes which are happening rapidly. One of the diseases is cholera. In Northern parts of Kenya people are suffering from this disease in the time of drought.

In addition to this, it is also responsible for water-borne diseases. For example, in 1993 people were in danger due to diarrhea. These all are the diseases for which global warming is responsible.

  • Other Statistics

Between 1990 to 2014, the emission of greenhouse gases increased by 7%. Due to the same the whole faced effects such as drought and flooding. The temperature o about different 48 states is in the increase since 1901. Hence, excess warming is the result of the 1970s. Scientists said that the ocean temperature is the highest in the last three decades due to global warming. All over the world people have noticed a growth of six-tenth inch in the ocean water level.

  • Hole In The Ozone Layer Over Antarctica

In 1974 scientists have spotted a hole over Antarctica in the Ozone layer. The ozone layer acts as a guard. The Ozone layer is essential to protect the earth. Scientists prove that the whole is due to various greenhouse gases. The hole over the Ozone layer in Antarctica was also spotted in the year 1982.

It is quite dangerous because it leads to many health issues. People around the country are suffering from various diseases. Skin infections and skin cancer are the most popular ones.


There are various ways by which we can control the greenhouse effect. By taking some easy steps we can control the same. In addition to this, we can cure many health issues additionally. For the sake of all the species living on the earth, we should take some steps.

How can we protect the earth

  • By using fewer vehicles and automobiles

We all know that vehicles and automobiles produce smoke. The smoke contains various greenhouse gases. When we drive such vehicles we are more releasing our carbon footprints.

The release of greenhouse gases in excess amounts is responsible for the greenhouse effect. In place of personal vehicles, we can use public transport. In many places in the world, people start using bicycles of public transport for regular use. Estimates of various organizations show that in such countries there is less air pollution. The ozone layer over these areas is quite safe too.

  • The case of Taj Mahal

People consider the Taj Mahal as the finest beauty. In recent times due to the excess use of vehicles and automobiles, the environment around the Taj Mahal is getting more and more polluted.

In addition to this, it is affecting the color of the Taj Mahal too. People have seen that the color of the Taj Mahal is getting more and more yellow day by day. Taj Mahal brings foreign money a lot. It is one of the assets of India. People need to think about it.

To protect the yellowing of the Taj Mahal-the the central government of India announced some guidelines. The city is guided to use biofuel. Biofuels do not produce smoke. In addition to this, they also provide no harm to the Taj Mahal.

The government also guided the people to use eco-friendly methods and less use of vehicles around the Taj Mahal. Due to the same, people are successful enough to protect the Taj Mahal from yellowing.

  • By using less CFC

CFC is a mixture of various greenhouse gases. It is found in various day to day use materials. From perfumes to ACs there is a quiet need for CFCs. If people use less CFC one can save the environment. On the other hand, we can reduce various health problems.

Many countries around the world are taking some steps regarding it. This can save the earth. The hole over Antarctica is getting reduced due to this. From 2019 scientists of NASA are reporting that the hole is reducing day by day.

  • By planting more and more trees

Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas. The amount of carbon dioxide is increasing day by day in the atmosphere. If we plant more and more trees they can consume this carbon dioxide. In addition to this, they can solve various other climatic problems.

There are so many solutions to greenhouse effects. Also, we need to think about ways that do not cause air pollution. We can solve various problems in addition to this.


There are various greenhouse effect facts which you might not know before.

  • Global warming in the last decade

Estimates are showing that the last decade was the hottest decade after 140 years.

Many reports are stating that 2019 was the second hottest year recorded in history. For Oceans it was at number one. The last decade of data on global warming is so painful and they require our special concern.

  • Global warming in the next decades

If global warming will increase at the same pace, it will become hostile for the species to live. Due to global warming, the average temperature of the earth is increasing by 0.2 degrees Celsius every 10 years.

  • Amount of carbon dioxide

Today in our atmosphere there is a large amount of carbon dioxide. It is larger than the record of the past 80,000 years.

  • Environmental protection agency

The environmental protection agency or EPA is formed to reduce pollution. They are specifically concerned to reduce pollution which is responsible for global warming. We need more organizations like this.


We have seen various evidence of global warming and the enhanced greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a natural process but the enhanced greenhouse effect is not. Actually enhanced greenhouse effect is making the earth more hostile to survive. On the other hand, the greenhouse effect is basic for survival.

We should take some steps to reduce the enhanced greenhouse effect. The same affects us in various ways from the economy to health. Many organizations are forming day by day to control the situation. It is the duty of every citizen of this planet to do their best to manage this situation.


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