Fossil fuels need no introduction since they are widely used in various sectors and fields. The use of fossil fuels in various fields is at an extreme pace. Yet, there are several pros and cons to this concerned topic of fossil fuels. In this technologically advanced era, scientists tend to find alternative ways of fossil fuel. No one can deny that fossil fuels are of basic importance, although they are the main culprit of global problems.


In scientific terms, fossil fuels are the fuels formed by natural processes. Various natural processes, including anaerobic decomposition and compression, leading to the formation of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the compressed form of organic materials. Hence, they require millions of years.

These materials compose the remains of ancient plants and animals, and ancient people had stated their use way back.

Some examples of fossil fuels are petroleum, coal natural gas crude oil, and many more.



The first use of fossil fuel is to generate energy. Fossil fuels released a tremendous amount of energy when people burnt it. Estimates show that people use fossil fuels for about 95% of total households. Hence, from cars to cooking, we assist fossil fuels for all purposes.

In addition to the same, manufacturers use fossil fuels in day-to-day accessories like deodorant cosmetics and oils. In plants, the use of coal is to generate thermal energy. Villages of India are still dependent on the use of fossil fuels like firewood and coal. More importantly, electric boards use fossil fuels for hydroelectricity. 

Vehicles are dependent on fuels. Yet, many other alternatives have been introduced, but people have adopted fossil fuels specifically. These all are fossil fuels’ pros. No one can deny that fossil fuels play a crucial part in our life.


There are many ways by which fossil fuels affect the environment adversely. Fossil fuels have always been in controversies due to their characteristics. Since fossil fuels, when burnt, release greenhouse gases, they are the main culprit for the greenhouse effect.

Negative effects

  • Ozone Depletion

These greenhouse gases directly leave a powerful impact on the ozone layer, which acts as a guard for the earth. The molecules of greenhouse gases destroy the Ozone layer molecules. A single molecule of greenhouse gas destructs about 1 million molecules of the ozone layer.

Destruction of the Ozone layer over time leads to various global problems. The ozone layer, which protects the earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, is permeable to reach the earth. Due to these, people are more able to catch health issues, including skin cancer and allergy in eyes.

This all is the ultimate pros and cons of fossil fuels. Anything which destructs the environment and its constituents is deadly harmful to the species. Humans are also part of the ecosystem, and hence fossil fuels affect humans indirectly.

If people ignore the effects of fossil fuels on the environment, various new health hazards could affect species.

  • Health Hazards Related To Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels can affect upcoming generations in many ways. Exposed to ultraviolet rays can affect the health issues of children and all citizens. The greenhouse gases release toxic air pollutants, which can create respiratory problems. Various allergies become common in the future world.

Consider the case of Antarctica. For instance, Antarctica is a beautiful place covered with artistic glaciers and ice caps. Scientists have spotted a wide ozone layer depletion hole over Antarctica. Many other organizations have also spotted multiple holes over the ozone layer.

  • Global Warming

The depletion of the Ozone layer leads to global warming. Global warming is a sudden increase in the temperature of the earth. Therefore, this sudden increase can lead to the melting of glaciers. Hence, this results in an increasing water level of oceans.

If the water level rises in the future, many countries, especially island countries, can have an impact. Furthermore, a rise in water level results in floods and other natural calamities, although some scientists have also proved that this situation can make many countries like Japan submerged.

Specifically, countries like Japan, who are so technologically advanced, have a threat to the greenhouse effect.


Of course, there are many ways by which we can reduce the use of fossil fuels. People use fossil fuels for various activities, but adopting some other fuels can also solve their problems. Some fossil fuels like natural gas, solar energy, tidal energy, and geothermal energy can solve the issue.

  • Natural Gas

We use natural gas for extended purposes. People can adopt the use of natural gas as an alternative to petroleum. Furthermore, natural gas is not harmful to the environment at all. It provides a large amount of energy with no residue of pollution.

  • Solar Energy

Solar energy is quite a good remedy. It is a renewable form of energy: alternatively, fossil fuels are not renewable. The energy is quite efficient, with an efficiency of 25%. On the other hand, the gasoline which car engine uses is only effective to convert about 30% of the fuel into energy. 

The rest 70% of the fuel is responsible for pollution. Similarly, coal is about 40% effective for use, but the rest percentage leads to air pollution. 

  • Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is fruitful for the use. This form of energy is based power of the core of earth for generating electricity. Though the energy obtained is not as effective as other means, but people can use it wisely.



First and foremost, fossil fuels are not so important for survival. In the following paragraphs, it is clear we will see why we can use alternative methods for fossil fuels.

In particular, fossil fuels are harmful to the environment, and no one can deny this. If we stop using fossil fuels specifically for our daily purposes, a large number of global problems will not hinder us. If people further use environmentally friendly fuels, it would be fruitful for the environment. 

Many health issues that link to the greenhouse effect will not persist furthermore. Skin cancers and skin infections will leave the list of one of the most preventable diseases. The whole ozone layer over Antarctica will not let harmful radiations enter. In addition to this, people can reduce their carbon footprints through the use of environment-friendly material.

Hence, future generations need not worry about the results of fossil fuels. 


There are many ways by which fossil fuels affect the environment. If fossil fuels affect the environment adversely and are not vital to use, the government can ban the use of fossil fuels to a certain extent. On the other hand, there are a lot of controversies regarding it in the present time. But initially, the government should take this concern wisely through a slow process.

More importantly, fossil fuels have adverse effects on the environment. And if the government will not ban the use of fossil fuels, no one could resist people from using it personally. In countries like India, where most of the people are dependent on local fossil fuels, this process needs special concern.

Restriction Of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are also restricted in many of the other countries where are some alternative ways are available. Since Fossil fuel leads to many global pandemics and the problem like flooding. Such natural calamities are not natural anymore. The Ozone layer is depleting day by day, by the greenhouse effect.

If the government has banned the use of fossil fuels, apart from natural calamity, many health issues of the people can get proper care additionally. Furthermore, many other countries all over the world have started posing some restrictions on the use of fossil fuels. The success at a certain time is quite sure to drop.


Banning fossil fuels is a nightmare for developing countries. Developing countries are almost totally dependent on the use of fossil fuels for various purposes. From generating electricity to locomotion, many uses of fossil fuels are acute. World Health Organization should also lay down some restrictions on the use of fossil.

Since some restrictions are also made in the use of CFC. Many countries have banned the use of CFCs. CFCs are chlorofluorocarbon, which is responsible for the greenhouse effect.

CFC is found mainly in deodorants and sprays. The air from the air conditioner also contains CFC. Many international organizations are also concerned with environmental protection since environmental protection is an issue, not for just one or two-person. Environmental protection is a process that requires proper concern of all the countries. Though there is a need for quick steps.


Pros Of Fossil Fuels
  • Fossil fuels can help people a lot for producing energy for various purposes.
  • In addition to the same, they are also available easily; people need not worry about finding a perfect source for them.
  • Some fossil fuels, such as coal are easily accessible. Hence, villagers can use it easily for day to day activities.
  • Many of the fossil fuels are available for instant use. Therefore, no one needs to apply to any other process for the same.
  • Fossil fuels are natural. It protects us from chemical methods and procedures. The use of chemicals is harmful to human health specifically.
Cons Of Fossil Fuels
  • Fossil fuels are the main source of air pollution. Air pollution makes the environment toxic to live. 
  • They are responsible for the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect leads to global warming, which is responsible for various global problems.
  • Fossil fuels also require a large amount of space for storage. Due to the same, people need to spend additional money on storage.
  • Pollution through fossil fuels leads to acid rain. Acid rain is responsible for breaking down many structures. It is also toxic for the skin of various animals.
  • In addition to this, fossil fuels are dangerous to store. They can easily catch fire with just a spark. 
  • Fossil fuels are non-renewable. The meaning of the same is that they are not available for forever use. They need the concern of the people for each step.

Pros and cons of fossil fuels (1)


Fossil fuels are very important for humans. But fossil fuels are not vital for human survival. Many other different ways can help a lot in this situation. The whole world can deal with such global pandemics. Or the same, all the countries should lay down some basic principles regarding environmental protection.

Furthermore, battery-operated motor vehicles and motor vehicles operated through natural gas are some of the new technological advanced gadgets which help in controlling pollution. Fossil fuels are not only responsible for air pollution: they also cause water land and soil pollution.

In any case, environmental protection does not mean that we boycott the use of all the fossil fuels available. But fossil fuels like natural gas are environment friendly. More importantly, the use of such environmentally friendly fossil fuels is effective for controlling pollution.

Coal, petroleum, and natural are all come under the category of fossil fuels. More importantly, we can live quite happily without the use of fossil fuels. The government should monitor the use of fossil fuel. The future generations are in quite a danger. Health issues and natural camel calamities may prevail in the future. The government needs to take concern for this.


Furthermore, battery-operated motor vehicles and motor vehicles operated through natural gas are some of the new technological advanced gadgets which help in controlling pollution. Fossil fuels are not only responsible for air pollution: they also cause water land and soil pollution.

Finally, for all the people living on the earth, it is very important to take advantage of such advanced gadgets. Such advanced gadgets are economically and environmentally effective. Many people have already replaced gadgets with environmentally friendly ones. Now it is time for us to bring a change personally.


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